Fashion | Niels Peeraer


Niels Peeraer, got his Master degree of Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in june 2011 he talks about his latest creations showed at Zip Zone.


« I am focus on unisex leather accessories, i think it’s my strong aspect of my work since we met for my graduation (1 year ago). My clothes are to extreme and i got many responses with my accessories. »

About your style

« I keep my own aesthetic, i try to balance the very tough leather, the metal pieces, the straight corners with the colour and the cutouts to create a cute design.

I try to create very useful and creative bags. Creativity don’t have to impact functionality. »



About the material and fabrication

« The material is vegetable-tanned leather so it darkens a lot in time. All those bags are hand made and the production will start in Spain. I created my own technique as i never learn the art of making leather bags before. There is no sewings involved, everything is maintain with studs and screws, that give a much stronger and cleaner line. »



You can find Niels Peeraer bags in Ra Paris, Ra antwerp, Joyce in Hong-Kong and Nicolas Formichetti’s pop-up store in Beijing in august