Seoul Fashion Week | Nohke J

Sun told me about her friend Misun Jung, designer and founder of Nohke J an upcoming brand of South Korea (in fact i notice her this summer in Nazine magazine). I exchange a few mails with Misun, trying to find time to meet each other during my week in Seoul but our schedules were so full that we couldn’t made it.

The show was one of the most exciting of the week, full of energy without being theatrical, even if the place was crowded, not suited to take pictures and dimly lit…

The outfits are a permanent contrast between fragility (mesh, silk) and strenghs (leather). Note the alternative-rock attitude given by the garments, the colour (mostly black and white) and the wet hair look.

This feminine collection is a sort of unfinished-work in progress, but easily wearable. The fabrics are in a battle, the leather is wrinkled, the silk is ruched. Straight lines and curves are crossing in a chaotic way, creating geometric shapes or inserts of fabrics on the dresses or on the few pants. You can have the edgy look without being disguised regardless your age.

On this pants, the insert of mesh is like a laser cut

It’s the collection of a young designer and perhaps(?) we need one or two really strong pieces to vamp the show.

Above all these, the collection is very coherent and very pleasant. Misun Jung keeps the spirit of the previous collection, her savoir-faire (especially the cuts) and withdrew, for next summer, what was burdening the shape, allowing more sensuality.

With her skills in cutting and tailoring we can’t wait to see the evolutions and new proposals she prepares for the next shows.

Previous collection is available here.