Portrait | Cristina de Vogüé

About Etch a sketch « Portraits à la mode, by Le Modalogue »

A designer face (or a fashion figure, a personality) draw with one line, one stroke (to capture the essence), a quote and a signature.

À propos des portraits à la mode (à la manière du Modalogue)

Le portrait d’un créateur, d’une personnalité, une signature, une citation et le buste tracé d’un seul trait, comme pour en capter l’essentiel…



Cristina has the elegance of her Italian heritage (from her father) and the eccentricity of its Russian origins (from her mother).

She likes fake jewelry, especially the big earrings, as Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel did. She loves Coca-Cola light, as Karl Lagerfeld loves, but with a dash of champagne!

Cristina is married to Patrice de Vogüé, the owner of one of the most beautiful castle in France: Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Thanks to Alexander, his son, for allowing me to draw this portrait, which has since become one of my favorites.