Desy Sáfan-Gerard | Body conscious

A performance of the artist Desy Safan-Gerard with the model Maria Clark.

Transversalité artistique

This performance was a perfect cross-over between dance, music and illustration.

Desy Safan-Gerard born in Chile, studied both music composition and psychology before becoming a painter.


During 30 minutes, Maria Clark, the model, strikes poses on the contemporary music of Pierre Boulez: Notations I, II, IV and VII using her body as a medium, while the artist Desy Safan-Gerard is translating the gestures and the music on canvas. The process is completely improvised.

At the end we were a bit astonished, like in a transe both by the performance, the physical presence of Maria and the music, it could have continued, as you only start seeing the multiple conversations between the painter, the performer and the music.
I ask to the artist if she did such works with different kind of music. She responds that she did it with Shostakovich and Piazzola, and perhaps it could be interesting to see the results on experimental musicians like Thelonious Monk or Kraftwerk.


Corinne Bonnet owner of galerie Dufay-Bonnet gave us an unusual experience, a travel in time, with the add of a public reader it would have looked like we were back in caves in New York City or Paris during the sixties.

Watch the video.

Desy Safan-Gerard website
Maria Clark website


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