Berlin Fashion Week | Vladimir Karaleev


I would love to have stayed and swayed with the models through the summer air to the sound of Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Back and forth. Back and forth, turn once, look fabulously bored, and twirl your undone hair – the perfect activity on a day like this. Karaleev’s fashion was like his models, idly hanging around on their lanky, long-limbed bodies. But what exquisite hanging!

Nothing fit perfectly, not one garment was crease-free, there was no glamour, no glitz, no glory, just clothes you’d want to wear. Right now. Because when you’re at the mercy of a heatwave, you need voluminous, airy materials, bermudas, and cotton maxi dresses more than you need your best friend.





And whites in all shades, which don’t only work on holiday beaches. Extra freshness came in the form of large-scale prints – flowers and color blocks in blue, yellow, and orange – on shirts, or under transparent skirts. And oxygen poured in through slits in shirts and gaps between layers. Cooling just to look at. Thank you.

Photos Jessica Barthel
Text by Anne Postrach

This post is a collaboration with Derzeit