Maastricht | Fashionclash 2012, Elvira’T Hart

Fashionclash is a plateform founded in 2009 by Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper where young fashion designers could show their work. It’s also a place where disciplines linked to fashion are invited.

Chers lecteurs, Elvira ‘T Hart is a young fashion designer graduated from the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam. Born in 1988 from a mother graduated in interior design and a father « really good drawer », she naturally turn her life towards art, « they push me drawing » as she told me. « Now i draw all the time and my best are when i’m not really thinking of it! » The collection « Drawn by » of Elvira was shown as a little exhibition.


Hanging in the foreground, the drawings of Elvira ‘T Hart, in the background the outfits

What interested me in her work it’s the path from 2D to 3D. Most often it’s a sketch becoming an outfit, with Elvira’s work it’s like if we used a marker and draw directly on the dummy then « extract » the result. It’s a very graphic design result, all the garments are wearable. Elvira is a big fan of comic artists like Bill Sienkiewicz or Simon Bisley.


A laser-cut little black dress

As Elvira told me, her graduation collection was build on the same concept. She spend the whole year looking for the right technique (laser-cutting) to reproduce the visual effect and feelings of the drawings. After finishing her research she was not completely happy with it, « too many ideas in the collection ». So she decided to focus on her drawings (completely based) and made this collection.



Her garments leave a big part for our imagination. The quick sketches have an unfinished effect and she want to keep it for the garment, « it’s your imagination that complete the drawing or the garments », a drawing doesn’t have to be finished or completed to give the viewer an idea of that which is depicted. To see all her works check out her website.