Trend (retro) | A Lyndi Hop party

Remember my New-York afro-party?

In Porto a few weeks ago, my dear friends Estefania and Stella bring me to a Lindy-Hop party.

Lindy-Hop is a mix of improvised solo african dances and european partnered structured dances. Very popular in the 20 and 30s it is associated with jazz and swing dances (Charleston, Breakaway…).

It’s very dynamic and I spend the whole night saying « Wow » and mesmerized by the dancers.

The revival is coming from New York, through dance young people rediscover the swing music. Through the garments they started wearing vintage 30’s clothes. Then a retro movement spread all around. In fashion, you can see the retro (not only from the 30s) reinterpreted in all those nostalgia-oriented brands.

Back on the subject, if you don’t know how to dance Lindy-Hop, you cannot do it, as when you dance hand-to-hand there is no room for too much improvisation. You have to be connected with your partner!

Below, Estefania, jewellery designer and Stella


Pictures taken at Plano B, Porto

lyndi-hop-estefania-stella-c-2 lyndi-hop-estefania-stella-c-3

The famous « Sing Sing Sing » (featuring: Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Harry James, Lionel Hampton)

« Crazy » Lyndi Hop in Hellzapoppin (1941) – Don’t try this at home!

Lyndi Hop 2014 – LyndiFest