What is Hyères 2011 ?

Marite Mastina et Rolands Peterkops (Mareunrol’s, 1.2.3 and jury prize Hyères 2009) where in Hyères to show their mystical and surrealist new project: « Tenants »

I ask the young designers Jasper Sinchai Chadprajong (Hyères 2010), Mads Dinesen (Pain is felt by all…, Denmark), Emilie Meldem (Odlhou, Switzerland), Oriane Leclercq (Fake is just as good, Belgium), Michael Kampe (Exploded view, Germany), Léa Peckre (Cemeteries are fields of flowers, France, jury prize 2011), Oda Pausma (29.10.2010, Nederlands), Sandra Backlund (jury member and jury prize Hyères 2007) and Jean-Paul Lespagnard (« tourist », public and 1.2.3 prizes Hyères 2008) what they think about the Festival in few words. You will also meet Sonny Groo and other people.

See how each of them react differently: romantic Oda, straight forward Léa, thoughtful Michael, very cool and charming Sandra and forever smiling Jean-Paul…

Creative, fun, exciting and meetings (new friends and opportunities) it was Hyères 2011!

Video below.