Seoul Fashion Week | Tache

A fashion show is an event where lighting, stage, music and the garments are converging to illustrate a designer’s universe, causing an emotion.

On my way back to the press room, I heard a few notes of one of my favorites song « Bela Lugosi’s Dead » by Bauhaus, a batcave group of the late 80’s. It’s through the music that I came to see this show.

Jey Park and Jiha Park met and studied fashion in Paris (Studio Berçot and Esmod). In order to produce easily, the duo returned to South Korea and created the brand Tache a year ago and a half with the objective of returning to Europe to spread their brand.

Dark and noisy music on the runway, in contrast, walking in line, girls were wearing fluid and transparent clothes. Using mainly silk this season, the duo were also inspired by the trench coat.

The collection is experimental, influenced by the guitarist Glenn Branca. The dual color range is like an independent rock music song: nude and black.

In fact the collection is not as rock and roll as Jey and Jiha said, but rather soft, accessible and very feminine.

Tache est ici.