Seoul express, Lie Sang Bong party’s at Club Eden

For the Lie Sang Bong party we found ourselves at club Eden near of hotel Ritz. A fabulous night after a full day of fashion shows…

A bit cheesy… There was this girl, a K-Pop singer (here after her set with an hip-hop crew).

Then this H.I.P-H.O.P-Break dance battle


However very connected, the seoulites seems sometimes very nostalgic. During the fashion week, some shows were showing vintage inspiration (from the beginning of 20th century). This were a bit annoying in fact, because it was nothing new, like khaki bermudas and polos…

Below are two beautiful connected ladies with a 1920′-1930′ inspiration.

And no this is not a Wong Kar-Wai movie…

Today, in the middle of the crowd, with our mobiles phones we are not « alone » anymore. Stay connected!

This guy was amazing in his music notes suit!