Berlin Fashion Week | Perret Schaad

Dear readers,
pleats, soft as a toadstool’s gills, on the first skirt. Metallic threads, loosely woven and so fine they threaten to break any moment, on the second.

The Perret Schaad collection combines nature and technology in a celebration of textile design at its most sophisticated. Their cuts are minimalist but utterly impeccable, sculptural with linen-mohair mixes, flowing like veils in crepes and silk.

Their colors are understated in grays, blues and browns, with a glint of turquoise or a shimmer of green. Variation comes first and foremost in the neckline, foregoing collars and framing the cleavage in ever new ways.

Perret Schaad say their designs « capture the hazy, shimmering mood of a summer day ». And I’d have to agree. But you wouldn’t want to wear their delicate silk dresses or those hip-length blazers only on hot days. They are so exquisite, refreshing and self-assured, you’ll want to wear them all year round, and next year, too.

Text by Mareike Nieberding
Photos by Jessica Barthel

This post is a collaboration with Derzeit