New York inspires… People

Friends and people i met in New York City.

Des gens cool, des amis rad, des copines qui ont le swag et des êtres étranges rencontrés à New-York…

Meet Karolina

Karolina Brock, swag girl from Sweden, dancer, journalist and fashion designer (website), now living in Big Apple.

Karolina always wears specific outfits, this day it was a vintage sci-fi-look-alike top and this beautiful glasses.

We often met too quickly during the fashion weeks in Paris. This afternoon we had a picnic with friends of her. A moment later a strange man join us and teach us the secret art of flag dancing…

Meet Francesca


Francesca Vuillemin from Strasbourg (France), model, is that kind of charismatic people i like.

It was the end of the day, Maison Kitsuné (1170 Broadway, NYC) where she works, was about to close. She wave her hand to say « hi », i switch my brain into « english-speaking-mode » and say « hello », she smile and answered me in french…

Then we start talking for nearly half an hour about travels, modeling, art, physics, astrology and her pink bike.



Meet the boys


I met this guy near Marc Jacobs’ store in Bleecker street where he is a vendor. I love his tee-shirt (unfortunately sold-out) that give him a killa swag, no? After seeing the photo he told me « Yeah i look like evil ! »


I spend all my money in this shop… Full of rad art-fashion-music-literature books, vintage books and magazines (Facade), experimental prints and accessories. Above all, i definitively love the name Bookmarc !

In case you don’t know the mythical Facade magazine !

Troy, vendor at Bookmarc store

John, manager at Bookmarc store

This two guys gave me good advices, then we talked passionately about magazines, books and the mythical underground scene of Paris and NYC during the eighties. They also told me that a Bookmarc shop is planned in Paris…1280