Me callaré en el pasillo del idiota


During my holidays i go back to Institution Sainte Marie (founded in 1849), my college/high school (boys only at that time) located at La Seyne sur Mer (south of France).

Our professor, M. Rubio was in front of us, hands behind is back walking with a military march. We took this corridor to go to spanish lessons when i was in college. The « journey » in the darkness seemed endless and we mess around a lot, it was fun.

Unfortunately most of the time when we arrived in the classroom, the last to the right (see photo above), M. Rubio pointed one of us and tell him this sentence: « Me callaré en el pasillo del idiota » (i’ll shut up in the fool’s hall) . The pupil knew then that he had been chosen to copy this sentence a hundred of times for the next course…


One of the 6 huge playgrounds, on this one i played furious football games during lunch time.

A view of the church inside the college

You recognize this guy…

The entrance with a memorial plaque (founded march 1, 1849)