3D Fashion, a new ‘savoir-faire’?



Dear readers,

I am a subscriber of Wired magazine for years now, in october 2012, they launch an issue with a 3D printer on the cover. This issue tell us more than technique: 3D printer were a few months to become the next christmas gift (and not only for geek). That’s mean that 3D printing is gonna go mainstream…

Accessory makers already have a perfect field of expression. Look at these shoes non-workable whitout 3D techniques.

Marieka Ratsma-Kostika Spaho.

‘Morphogenesis’ 3D printed shoe by dutch designer Pauline Van Dongen

‘Strvct’ 3D printed shoe by Continuum, $900, here

3D printers is the next big thing for creatives, just look at Iris Van Herpen « Hybrid Holism » striking looks made with belgian-based atelier MGX by Materialise. The possibilities of creation seems to be infinite as you avoid some technicals difficulties due to seams and joining.






Iris Van Herpen, « Hybrid Holism » collection AW 2012/2013, read a review here

Technologies evolves quickly and actually 3D printers can create object containing different materials. Application fields seems endless (living cells, fooding, etc.)

Some people thinks that 3D printing is much more revolutionary than internet, I am not that far from their point of view. But as with internet, are we gonna create an other virtual world sometimes too far from certain realities and production system? Actually most of the shoes design are not really wearable, the materials are too weak, but things are going fast.

Design it, print it, sell it !

Internet help democratizes the information, today it’s a 5 mn process to launch a blog a talk about anything you want. Will 3D printing help the democratization of little productions? In a few years « we will be able » to print iPhone cases, kitchenware, bangles or with a giant 3D printer, our house!

Also, fashion design schools will find a tool to help their students at creating and exploring new designs.

A new « savoir-faire » for luxury businesses?

Does 3D printing a next field for luxury brands, helping them create made to measure and exclusive furnitures using luxury materials?

E-artcrafting, a new kind of artcrafting and ‘savoir-faire’ is about to be created. As giant 3D printers are a subject of thinking by certains companies, imagine a luxury yacht with very exclusive (and crazy) design for very wealthy people…

« Your imagination is the limit ».

Also check, Nicolas Theil 3D-printed glasses here