« Design to cost » in fashion

Tiphaine Deguelle is an old friend. One of the first article of Le Modalogue was upon her, a sort of « beta-test » interview during which we talk fashion and art. Fashion design professor, Tiphaine is also a designer. Currently she is working on a new project called « catalogue De » by Design to cost.

Design to cost means: make the system less expensive while maintaining performance. At the begining, « Design to cost » was a process of technicians. With the possibility of internet and social networking, Tiphaine Deguelle now brings this process in the field of creativity with My Major Company a crowd funding site.

catalogue De starts with the Plain film bag, inspired by the shopping bag. It’s a set of standard products that you can combine, help you create your own bag. If the Plain film bag goal is reached, it will help produce your own catalogue, containing the others creations (accessories and outfits) already planned.

The project in video

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