Hector Olguin at gallery La Joaillerie by Mazlo


I met the photographer Hector Olguin a few years ago during a fashion week in Portugal. He is now living between Paris and Porto and was showing in Paris, last week, invited by gallery La Joaillerie by Mazlo (jewellery house since 1470), his new series of photos.

Main part of his work is about the body. Each photos take hours to obtain. Like a painter (the blur effect helps) with his model, Hector draw the movements and take hundreds of photos… Like a model in a fashion house spending hours for the fitting, the model repeat and repeat. The model is like a doll in a dreamhouse.

At the end of this « process », one shot is selected, very few post production (mostly for the colors), no cropping and « all with my Nikon D700 ! » Hector said.

I realiszed thaht all of his works is very close to fashion aesthetic, look at the importance given to color, accessories, make-up and outfits.

hector-olguin-2 hector-olguin-3 hector-olguin-4 hector-olguin-6 hector-olguin-7 hector-olguin-9

Hector Olguin is invited till 30th of november

Gallery Joaillerie par Mazlo

31 rue Guénégaud – 75006 Paris