Hyères 2014 | A quick overview

Dear readers,
A quick overview before the finale

Agnese Narnicka



+ White, chalk colours
+ A cosy, lazy man
+ Hats made with polyéthylène
+ Synthetic material « because is more cosy and less strict »
+ Handmade paintings

Anne Kluytenaar

anne-kluytenaar-1 anne-kluytenaar-2 anne-kluytenaar-3

+ One day her father became a woman
+ She retains a real fascination with dress codes
+ The shape of women garments on men looks unflattering, so « i decided to reshape it »
+ Found in House of Chanel the definition of elegance (details, fabrics…)
+ As much as possible a Couture collection
+ Not for guys who want to be a woman. Men must keep their masculinity
+ Pants with a masculine cut in a feminine fabric
+ Models said that they were « very happy » to wear this clothes

Coralie Marabelle



+ Inspired by traditional outfits from Iran
+ Organza hand painted on the edges
+ Modern elements from architecture and design
+ 3D effects with satin broderies (also hand painted)
+ Men outfits turns into feminine
+ Coralie wants to work in a couture house « to make crazy pieces »

Kenta Matsushige


kenta-matsushige-2 kenta-matsushige-3

+ Influenced by Yohji Yamamoto and Tadao Ando
+ « The countryside of beauty »
+ Minimal structure mixed with Japan traditional clothes
+ Two colours grey and light green
+ The idea of the collection is to express the balance of the confrontation: nature/urban and modern/traditional
+ Original accessories

Liselore Frowijn


+ Sportswer meets Luxury
+ « Luxury is the attention you paid to dress »
+ Influenced by Henri Matisse’s lasts works, when he was unable to paint
+ A multilayered silhouette
+ A voluminous silhouette to underline the strength of women

Marit Ilison marit-ilison-2marit-ilison-4marit-ilison-3

+ Used to play in a psychedelic band
+ Want to create « an experience » as we live in a very realistic world
+ Large coats like blankets
+ Want to create sensations linked to sleep and the warmth of the bed
+ Some inside of the coats are embroidered with Swarovski crystals

Pablo Henrad


+ Influenced by the darkness of the ocean, the Abyss
+ Influenced by the official sailor uniform and Captain Nemo
+ Want to bring elegance, sophistication and sensuality in the menswear wardrobe
+ show legs because « i found this sexy and masculine »

Roshi Porkar


+ Try to translate the shapes of Afghan feminine statuettes from 2000BC
+ The shapes are more extremes, the hips are exaggerated, etc.
+ Add more « dynamic » by adding a belt (also Japanese inspired)
+ Only dark-green colours
+ Furs, furs, furs

Yulia Yefimtchuk




+ Influenced by Constructivism and the « Black square » painting of Kasimir Malevitch
+ 3 main colours: red, black and white
+ On the garments, the writings are positive messages of 1920’s posters (« Peace to everyone », etc.)
+ The belts to illustrate the protection of women
+ A sophisticated work on the back

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