Rankin & Coco de Mer in « X »



A rendez-vous at La Pagode, Paris, to assist to the french première of « X » a video created for Coco de Mer by british photographer Rankin.

Co-Founder of Dazed & Confused and AnOther Magazine (with Jefferson Hack) and in 2011 of The Hunger, Rankin work with a full team of creatives and technicians till January on this project for Coco de Mer.

Coco de Mer is a luxury erotic lingerie brand created (and sold in 2012) by Sam Roddick daughter of Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.

Coco de Mer « X » is a video showing bold women enjoying lingerie, fantaisies and eroticism for themselves first with no boundaries. The video is as a frenzy successions of NSFW images, beautiful bodies, colorful, dynamic with a catchy music. The frenzy rhythm is as our times (?), like a digital carousel in which we go through, like a long animated GIF. In fact one might wonder whether if a 2:30 video is not a big too long?

Very pleasant, but nothing subversive as we would have wished. A good part is that the video seems to hide subliminal stimuli. We are not aware but after seen it and with Coco de Mer, we gonna think of sex more than the usually every 6 seconds a day says the epileptic video and we like that!

coco-de-mer-rankin-16 coco-de-mer-rankin-17

Below some snapshots of the video

coco-de-mer-rankin-2coco-de-mer-rankin-3 coco-de-mer-rankin-4 coco-de-mer-rankin-5 coco-de-mer-rankin-6 coco-de-mer-rankin-7 coco-de-mer-rankin-8 coco-de-mer-rankin-9 coco-de-mer-rankin-10 coco-de-mer-rankin-11 coco-de-mer-rankin-12 coco-de-mer-rankin-13 coco-de-mer-rankin

During a chit-chat with M. Rankin


‘X’ – Coco De Mer from RankinFilm on Vimeo.
Visit Coco de Mer website here