Cyrnos Palace, grande bellezza Campbell

In the middle of XVIIIth century, English people were discovering mediterranean in winter. Nice, in south of France saw the construction of a walkway called The promenade des Anglais.

A little time after (circa 1870) the wealthy scottish Miss Thomasina Campbell decided to live in Ajaccio (island of Corsica). She wrote a propaganda book, Notes sur l’île Corse about the quality of life in Ajaccio. This book was a success and help the « happy few » english to discover this new seaside resort. At the end of century, during winter it was thousand of english people who were living in the city.

Cyrnos Palace (Cyrnos means Corsica in greek) was built in 1883 after Miss Campbell acquired the land. All building materials were transported by boat from England and the place became Palace Hotel in 1890. The surroundings became a place of society life.

This place we discovered recently by chance reminds me this great movie La Grande Bellezza. Quiet, out of time and full of nostalgia.



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To read Notes sur l’île de Corse



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