Vizzavona, Grand Hotel de la Fôret, snobbery and decay

Found an other palace here in Corsica. This one is located in the mountains in the little town of Vizzavona.

As Ajaccio at the end of the XIXth century the area was popular with wealthy british. The hotel now in ruins, was built in 1893 (10 years after the Cyrnos Palace) and named Grand Hôtel de la Fôret.

Two wide floors, accessible by a double-flight staircase, it was surrounded with all the necessary for the british high society (tennis courts…).

After the second world war, the 1950’s was the end of the golden era, Vizzavona saw is decline. The Grand Hôtel de la Fôret closed and was quickly ransacked.

Despite this, among the ruins, it’s an other mysterious moment, close your eyes and it’s an other time travel.


Below, the golden gate. Close your eyes and you can see the letters of the word « ôret » for « Fôret » (forest) in red

grand-hotel-foret-8 grand-hotel-foret-2 grand-hotel-foret-3 grand-hotel-foret-6 grand-hotel-foret-7 grand-hotel-foret-9 grand-hotel-foret-11 grand-hotel-foret-4grand-hotel-foret

Below, the Grand Hotel de la Fôret in its heydaygrand-hotel-vizzavona-2



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