Burnout is one of the trendiest subject of the moment.

As you must be aware of the last book to speed read, the last luxury fashion collab to fast wear or the last Netflix show to binge this weekend, you must be burnout.

Everything seems to be trendy nowadays, from political ideologies, to german low-prices supermarkets, to sexual identities and even diseases.

Byung-Chul Han a Berlin-based philosopher explains that burnout (a former military syndrome) is depression and exhaustion, “the sickness of a society that suffers from excessive positivity,” an “achievement society,” a yes-we-can world in which nothing is impossible, a world that requires people to strive to the point of self-destruction. “It reflects a humanity waging war on itself.”

Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, is a new state of being. Listen around you, not a days goes by without hearing or using this word (your coworkers, friends, neighborhood shopkeeper, kids…).

If you are not bordering and not sharing it on your Instagram account it’s like to be out of the game. Accentuated by the pandemic it’s a trending topic on Google.

Rightly or wrongly perhaps it’s time to slow down a little bit.
When your tea is too hot you drink it slowly to appreciate it.

Can’t wait to see burnout fashion, burnout art, burnout litterature, burnout movies…