The craftsmen | Manufacture de souliers, Louis Vuitton, Venice

I start using Vine in Venice a few days ago at la Manufacture de souliers of Louis Vuitton. I capture this precious moments when the craftsmen are working.

Each craftsmen control the previous operation and make theirs meticulously, no default is tolerated, and if one is discovered the production line is immediately stop and checked. Some defects are invisible by common people.

The video below is a compilation of my first Vine, a quick view of what we saw and learn this day.

Bye bye Venice !


Night take-off from the airport of Venice, the third airport in terms of air traffic in Italy



Beautiful views from my airplane back to Paris after three days in Venice for visiting la Manufacture de souliers de Louis Vuitton and the grand opening of the new Maison Vuitton in the famous Teatro San Marco.