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Invited by Nathalie Doucet to visit a masterclass in progress (called « Made in clothes ») at Musée des Arts Décoratifs…

By bringing together Aurore Thibout french fashion designer, winner of Festival International de la Mode d’Hyères 2006 & Laurence Teillet, fashion designer, London based, two formers Martin Margiela to lead a 5 days masterclass, AoFF give the opportunity to enhance creativity in fashion design.

The AoFF program offer the possibility to go further in the creative process (with the help of various designers and illustrators) by exploring new techniques of crafting, sewing, embroidering, etc.

Yesterday it was all that, some students are listening music to their iPod or laptop when sewing, some working on the floor, pinning fabrics together, some painting, some mixing materials and some thinking of drawing stripes on a dress made of shirts…

The workplans were a « beautiful mess » of multicolored threads and fabrics, pins and needles, papers, bags, ribbons, sketches… but what impressed me more is that all the people were very focus on their works. For some students it was their third masterclass, like a rendez-vous with inventiveness.

Seeing all these students, mostly new graduates, coming from all over the world (Switzerland, Colombia, France, United States, Russia, Brasil, etc.) all working in this studious atmosphere was like a come back to school for me.

I leave you with a slideshow of portraits i’ve done of the professionals(1),the students and some of the beautiful creative mess.

arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-1 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-2 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-3 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-4 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-5 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-11 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-12 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-13 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-14 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-16nb arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-17nb arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-18nb arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-19nb arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-20nb arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-21nb arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-22 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-23 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-24 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-25 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-29 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-30 arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-31nb arts-of-fashion-foundation-masterclass-2010-32

Don’t forget to check out Aurore Thibout’s work through art and fashion (but wearable): Memory clothes. Then, perhaps like me, you wonder why spending your time to insanely track the trends, when some designers develop some concept so interesting…

About the « Made in clothes » masterclass

This program is based on designing with a conscience: Being aware of our impact as consumers in our today’s society by re-using waste materials to experiment, refine and develop new types of materials, fabrics and possibilities for clothing. Combining a responsible philosophy of contemporary design with an artistic approach, the project will emphasize the link between Art and Fashion. Rethinking the process of making clothes. Up-cycling – Experimentation – Handmade – Work in progress.

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