Coach me

I’ve heard about Coach a long time ago, but don’t have the possibility to see the products. So i rush with my precious friends at the opening of the parisian corner on boulevard Haussman.

I don’t know what i was looking for this american and very successful brand created in 1941, but what i saw surpised me. In fact i didn’t expect to see so much variations. You have to go and search between many different styles (from formal-Hampton’s style to something very color-pucci-rococo-esque; from contemporary-trendy to bling&pimp-my-bag leatherware) to find your perfect Coach. Even the logotype is reinterpreted in different ways, classical, handwritten or graphical…

On an other hand, as i’m looking for the perfect bag for a man, i was wondering if Coach could bring me some answers, unfortunately not, not enough models in the corner, some attachés and a two tote bags…

As the nearly millionesque (!) fans of the brand on the Facebook page I’m not sure the parisian bourgeoise will be a fan of the american chic, but all the international tourists will do and that’s a good point for the parisian megastore i suppose. You have to check it

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