Paris Fashion Week | Steffie Christiaens

Robe brodée de crin de cheval

Steffie Christiaens, has not finished playing with the Elements. Her clothes always seem moved by the forces that surrounding us. Her dresses, skirts and jackets seem captured (as a still image) moving around the body, creating a « frozen flow ».

The garments created by Steffie Christiaens do not embrace the body with glamour as usual but are the result of rashes, blisters and projections.

Accessories are also important in the style of Steffie Christiaens. The beautiful shirts collar and necklaces, the shoes and the bracelets experience the same twists as the clothing.

For her first summer in Paris Fashion Week we discover that Steffie Christiaens can add some sensuality in her style. For summer 2012, we will have swimwear, very short dresses and necklines never seen before. All this creates a contrast with the apparent rigidity of the clothes and, as usual, a cold palette of colours (silver, black, blue), except perhaps, the acid yellow (as seen on many shows).

« Don’t forget the clothes, we’re are not Lady Gaga! » some people say at the end of the show. It is certainly not far from the stage costume sometimes, even if the latest outfits (see last photos) are « simpler ».

Steffie Christiaens follow the trend of those young designers that create sculptural garments (Yiqing Ying, Sandra Backlund or Iris Van Herpen…)

Les maillots de Steffie – Swimwear

Les sculpturales – Sculptural dresses

Below, Steffie Christiaens’ style, even a « simple » short skirt is created with cutouts, reliefs and overlays.

Les plastron-bijoux – Necklaces and shirt collars

Wood and stone minaudiere (held with an in-built glove)

or to be worn as a grenade with an evening gown…