La Goth…

Yuka in the backstage of Bloom

La Goth loves skulls, ripper tights and darkness…

Many years ago (by the end of the eighties), being « a goth » was first of all about listening very specific music, then wearing special outfits and as i heard one day before a live show, « prefer death to life »… If you were a goth you had to assume to be scary for the others.

Today everyone has is goth day, you can listen to Lady Gaga, being a fan of japanimation, don’t know anything about Lovecraft, watching Sex and the City and spend your « holidays in the sun » and not in a cave.

All you have to do is having your hair dyed (blue, red, indigo), a ripped outfit, dark lipstick or some studs on your shoes and « Oh my God your daughter* is a goth ! » and if you have all of this, then you’re cursed!

Fashion takes it all (thanks to all the Versace, Galliano and McQueen) that made it glamour(!) and pretty. Goth is today, nothing related only with music, it’s a common word, still a bit borderline. It’s a trend, as color blocking, nude or the various trend of this summer…

Below, backstages at Bloom fashion show, march 2012, Lisboa and Porto