PFW | Tsolo Munkh

Last time i saw Tsolo Munkh was in 2010 when she receive the Public award of Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival, i remember spending a long time mesmerized, listening to her explanations on how she work.

Thanks to Philippe Pourashemi for bringing me back, during the last fashion week to her showroom and get a chance to view her first men collection.

The outfits, more of a warrior, surely not as easy to wear for every man, are strong, raw and very masculine.

Her influences are still coming from Mongolia, her country, where she still live. The shapes and the stories she told are based upon bouddhist references.

Tsolo is obsessed with handcrafting The cuts are handmade only and for the embroideries you don’t find the usual pearls and strass. Those are made with various fabrics often diverted, then sewn by hand.


Above, see the fully embroidered head of the eagle as a collar.



Above, on the coat, cuts of an eagle, emblem of this collection.

An eagle’s prey (detail of the coat)

Eagle’s prey, detail of a pant





For this necklace, she used bones then add the crystals.