Curation | Amazone d’Hermès


I love these little objects from the past, brought to you by friends, parents, uncles or bought one day in a flea market and forgot for years before being discovered again.

This is the box of a parfumed soap, Amazone from french luxury house Hermès. I found this tiny box (5 cm/2 inches width) from the 70′ in a treasure box at home. I don’t know where it come from, I suppose that it was a part of a beauty case you prepare when you are packing for a long journey.

Amazone a floral green fragrance created by Jean-Claude Ellena and Maurice Maurin in 1974, inspired by the mythical female equestrians. In the mid-seventies, an era where women were fighting for more freedom, Amazone was like a manifesto for a modern woman.