Corpus Circus

As a child, i had a painting representing a white clown in my bedroom, sometimes it seems that « he » was moving, laughing at me… This painting scared me during all my childhood.

I don’t know if everything start from that period, but as long as i remember i have always been fascinated by the circus. It’s not about the lions and tigers, nor the lovely equestrian, it’s about excessiveness. In the circus everything is exagerated, the colors screams at you, the make up is outrageous, the danger is high…

Since then the circus evolved, for exemple this pictures i took during december, are from Le Cabaret Electrique/Cirque Electrique. I had never seen such a spectacle before, special mention to the rock band that played during all the show, with a leader singing like Tom Waits.

But this little post is not about circus, nor the circus of fashion, is about the body, how it moves, jump, dance, stretches, twists, bends and lives…









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