Last week was the live show of Goldfrapp in Paris. I’m not a big fan of the last album (i’m still stick on Black Cherry…), but thanks to my dear friend Cécile who bring me with her to the show.

A great performance indeed, everything seems perfectly tuned and Alisson Goldfrapp has a really great voice. She has also all the drama, in the gestures, of an expressionist diva (see « Lovely Head » in the video), somewhere between Marlene Dietrich and Elsa Lanchester (the monster’s bride in « The bride of Frankenstein).

The final of the show was special. Alisson Goldfrapp has performed three songs from her debut « Lovely head », « Train » and « Strict machine ». Last friday the last two songs seems so similar to some compositions of an electro-punk-low-fi band, that i love, called Add n to (x).

Add n to (x) in which Alisson Goldfrapp use to lend his voice performed from 1996 to 2002. « Train » and « Strict machine » from « Black Cherry » (2003) are definitively under the influence of this band. The talent of Alisson lies in the fact that she was able to add glamor to the radical electroclash composition of Add n to (x) and she succeed very well.

The usual shitty video of the show

Compare to « Metal finger in my body », by Add n to (x), the same electro beats and distorded sounds. Beware this video is not safe for work !

You can also appreciate the « deep voice » of Alisson Goldfrapp in the great « dark » song below.