Semaine de la Mode | Filles à papa

Dear readers,

I have always been a fan of Filles à Papa since i met this brand two years ago. For me it mostly about screaming words printed/sew or embroidered on garments, it’s about pop culture and freedom. During the Fashion week in Paris, F.A.P held a showroom for one night near of Republic district.

F.A.P garments have no boundaries, from oversize sweats to tight skirts, blowing winds of rebellion. Words like brand names in a vast supermarket. Words like provocative punk-rock slogans or graffitis yelled at our face but with a touch of glam’ and humour, a difficult balance beautifully maintained by Carol and Sarah Piron the two sisters founder of the belgian-based brand.

Nothing to do with those too-many-so-called-brands making buzz-tee-shirt with « the catchy word » on it. Carol and Sarah are respectively graphic designer and fashion designer, that why i suppose, typography, illustrations and shapes are easily joining. Mixing proportions, rawness and softness, their collections are dynamic and create a real attitude and coolness for girls.

filles-a-papa-02 filles-a-papa-03

Below Carol Piron


and Sarah Piron.


Laure Capitani (WBDM) and designer Jean Paul Lespagnard

filles-a-papa-04filles-a-papa-07 filles-a-papa-08

Below Giles, washdown hoodie w/ « Retarded » sequin badge


Kiser, velvet cap with « Loser » sequin badge, « Pop » tee-shirt and « Irvine », checked overskirt


and « Lenny » oversize wool coat, « Jodie » oversize printed blouse and « Wall », velvet pant with grease marks at the bottom.