Semaine de la Mode | Filles à papa

Dear readers,

I have always been a fan of Filles à Papa since i met this brand two years ago. For me it mostly about screaming words printed/sew or embroidered on garments, it’s about pop culture and freedom. During the Fashion week in Paris, F.A.P held a showroom for one night near of Republic district.

F.A.P garments have no boundaries, from oversize sweats to tight skirts, blowing winds of rebellion. Words like brand names in a vast supermarket. Words like provocative punk-rock slogans or graffitis yelled at our face but with a touch of glam’ and humour, a difficult balance beautifully maintained by Carol and Sarah Piron the two sisters founder of the belgian-based brand.

Nothing to do with those too-many-so-called-brands making buzz-tee-shirt with « the catchy word » on it. Carol and Sarah are respectively graphic designer and fashion designer, that why i suppose, typography, illustrations and shapes are easily joining. Mixing proportions, rawness and softness, their collections are dynamic and create a real attitude and coolness for girls.

filles-a-papa-02 filles-a-papa-03

Below Carol Piron


and Sarah Piron.


Laure Capitani (WBDM) and designer Jean Paul Lespagnard

filles-a-papa-04filles-a-papa-07 filles-a-papa-08

Below Giles, washdown hoodie w/ « Retarded » sequin badge


Kiser, velvet cap with « Loser » sequin badge, « Pop » tee-shirt and « Irvine », checked overskirt


and « Lenny » oversize wool coat, « Jodie » oversize printed blouse and « Wall », velvet pant with grease marks at the bottom.



PFW | Showroom Belgium


Dear readers,
this is a short review of the belgian designers set at Showroom Belgium during the last Paris Fashion Week. It’s a new generation of designers, most of them work for many seasons, some of them are new. In any case I advise you to visit their website.

Filles à papa



Filles à Papa is made by Carol and Sarah, two sisters. Season after season their sporty-punk style is getting better and better.
F.A.P are here



Second collection of Krjst an other collective Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx, the prints (made with Monsieur Pimpant) and embroidery are incredible.
Krjst is here

Alice Knackfuss


After working at Kris Van Assche studio, Alice Knackfuss started her brand in 2011. This season strong prints also mixed with tailored jacket.
Find her work here

No pictures taken but also to discover, the collection of Calogero di Natale and Marc Philippe Coudeyre.