Live | The Pirouettes @ Le Badaboum


Discover The Pirouettes a few weeks ago during their live show at parisian club Le Badaboum. Very (very) young, the talented duo Leo and Victoria are spreading something completely free on stage. Leaders with bands like Juniore or La Femme of the new french music scene, the energy of their pop electronica music sounds unreachable if you are not twentysomething. But no, above 30 you feel « safe » to hear stuff like that. « Safe » because it’s full of positive thoughts and that so rare. It’s not naïve it’s joyful and in a way it’s subversive today.

Listening to their music you cannot stop thinking of 80′ french bands like Elli & Jacno, Deux or even Rita Mitsouko (they cover a part of « Marcia Baila » in their song « Dernier métro »).

As in other art fields the changing is coming from the next generation and don’t need to be necessarily dull.

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Elli & Jacno (†) in « Main dans la main », 1980

Deux, Game and performance, 1983