Precious Moments | Erwin Olaf x Ruinart

120 years after their first collaboration with Alphonse Mucha, Maison Ruinart, the oldest House of Champagne choose Erwin Olaf to explore new fields of communication.
26 photos of the dutch photographer with, he said, reference to nature, human and the art world. It’s not only the legacy of Ruinart that he discover when wandering in the chalk pit, but also the legacy of the old photographers and artists. Instead of a « fashion oriented » shooting Erwin Olaf decided to shoot these « accidents by nature » in black and white with his Hasselblad and Baryta paper.
You can see Brassaï, the dots of Damien Hirst or the paintings of Mark Rothko along the way.
« Nature create fascinating things and for me the multiples references to the art of painting, the abstraction, is the next level of my work », said the artist.

erwin-olaf-ruinart-1 erwin-olaf-ruinart-2 erwin-olaf-ruinart-3 erwin-olaf-ruinart-4 erwin-olaf-ruinart-5 erwin-olaf-ruinart-6 erwin-olaf-ruinart-7 erwin-olaf-ruinart-8 erwin-olaf-ruinart-9 erwin-olaf-ruinart-10