Crystal Castles, Paris 2016

Crystal Castles sans Alice Glass, sa Betty Boop sous acides. Crédible? Edith Frances s’élance sur la scène du new Elysée Montmartre, désarticulée, en jogging vert kaki, chevelure hirsute et violacée. Moins dark et moins radical qu’Alice. Le groupe originaire de Toronto est “under control”, fini le chaos dramatique. Ethan habituellement dans l’ombre est en front row comme pour compenser le vide scénique et charismatique laissé par Alice.

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Live | Crystal Castles at Le Trianon, Paris

After having seeing them seven times, i have to admit that going to Crystal Castles show is always the same… The stage is plunged into darkness, no lights for the musicians except the stroboscopes that helps creates the electro-trance atmosphere.

During one hour Ethan Kath, the man in the shadow, play the electro-low-fi-punk music as Alice Glass is screaming and throwing herself into the crowd, it’s a performance.


Three untitled albums later, the music is darker than ever and the band seem to have no plans and no compromises, no desire of being glamour like many other bands.

« Music and lights », the « shitty » video below… (you spend more time fighting in the pit, than seeing the show…)