Arts of Fashion Foundation | Aurore Thibout & Laurence Teillet, the thinking process

Dears readers

see the London based french fashion designer Laurence Teillet and the french fashion designer Aurore Thibout, public prize at Festival de la mode d’Hyères 2006 and both former Maison Martin Margiela teaching and giving great advices during the masterclass of Arts of Fashion here in Paris.

In the first video i focus on handcrafting, here we can appreciate the thinking process and see the ideas emerging during the exchange between professionals and students. Aurore and Laurence, help each students to find his own path. They also insist to never forget the shape and the volume, that how to give life to your garment.

The exhibition of the student’s work with Aurore Thibout, Laurence Teillet, Anthony Vaccarello, Natallia Pilipenka, Aurore de la Morinerie and Sasiwimol Sreevitoon will take place at 103 rue de Rivoli this July 29 (5pm-9pm). 

Aurore Thibout