Arts of fashion Foundation | From concept to reality

A sample of the garments made by the students with Aurore Thibout and Laurence Teillet.

Now the project (quite conceptual) is nearly complete, the evolution since my first coming is huge and what surprise me more is the diversity.

From the concept (a garment from second-hand shirts) to the final result, each student use the prints, the stripes, the different parts of the shirts on his own way. We have dresses with volume, some using the graphic prints and the stripes, to create path that become shapes, some are very colourful, some are a gradient of pale colours, some are big and some are tiny (slideshow below). Next step the exhibition (July 29)!

arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-13 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-12 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-11 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-10 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-9 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-8 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-7 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-6 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-5 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-4 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-2

Two models draw my attention because they reminds me works of famous designers. Below, the first photo of this post reminds me Yohji Yamamoto 1986’s dress, shoot by Nick Knight


… and below this Viktor & Rolf crazy collar shoot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinooh Matadin reminds me the tiny garment in the slideshow

… et ci-dessous ce jabot fou de Viktor & Rolf shooté par Inez Van Lamsweerde et Vinooh Matadin me rappelle le tout petit vêtement présent dans le slideshow.


Arts of Fashion Foundation website is here, to have the full story read the posts tagged with « arts of fashion foundation »

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