Seoul express, Lie Sang Bong party’s at Club Eden

For the Lie Sang Bong party we found ourselves at club Eden near of hotel Ritz. A fabulous night after a full day of fashion shows…

A bit cheesy… There was this girl, a K-Pop singer (here after her set with an hip-hop crew).

Then this H.I.P-H.O.P-Break dance battle


However very connected, the seoulites seems sometimes very nostalgic. During the fashion week, some shows were showing vintage inspiration (from the beginning of 20th century). This were a bit annoying in fact, because it was nothing new, like khaki bermudas and polos…

Below are two beautiful connected ladies with a 1920′-1930′ inspiration.

And no this is not a Wong Kar-Wai movie…

Today, in the middle of the crowd, with our mobiles phones we are not « alone » anymore. Stay connected!

This guy was amazing in his music notes suit!

Lie Sang Bong, a star

« One can tell the truth about Lie Sang bong whitout knowing what lies behind the designer. In this book one can find what has been truly going on with Lie Sang Bong during the last 25 years. » (excerpt from The truth of Lie Sang Bong)

Dear Anna Bang, writer for Volt magazine, gave me this book (autographed) on the famous Korean designer Lie Sang Bong. Selected view below.

The truth of Lie Sang Bong, edited by Kyobo book centre

Break the frame, Lie Sang Bong

« Brake the frame » a teaser from Lie Sang Bong

I’m flying to Seoul tomorrow, excited to discover the fashion scene which brought us well known designers Juun J., Songzio or Lie Sang Bong. Five days to discover the new talents, as the rising star Nohke J or Jain Song and pushButton.

I bring with me Nazine magazine (issue 4), an edgy korean fashion magazine i bought this summer.

Open your mind.