Vivienne Westwood | Seditionaries and Pirates

« Pirate collection », 1981

Wanna be a pirate?

Remember (discover) the famous « Pirate » collection of Vivienne Westwood.

1976, Vivienne Westwood and Malcom Mc Laren are Seditionaries. Vivienne invented the punk outfit, a new urban silhouette, Malcom launched the Sex Pistols.

Five years later, the punk movement is dead, even the mothers are wearing punk-inspired outfits. Vivienne Westwood (must) reinvent herself with no nostalgia. She gonna take an unexpected road, the Sex Pistols used to said « there is no future », but what about the past?

Vivienne Westwood then decided to explore it, history of costume and the different civilisations (from Indians, to African). The first collection of this new era was called « Pirate », it took place in 1981 in London. From now, « explore the past to have new ideas » will be the motto of the british designer.

« Pirate » collection, 1981

« Nostalgia of Mud », 1982, show in Paris

One year later, Vivienne Westwood launch the « Nostalgia of mud » collection (above), she adapts the shapes of the past and introduced the « bra on top ». In 1983, in Paris, Jean-Paul Gaultier also show « bra on top » silhouettes during his show.

1984, Jean-Paul Gaultier in his atelier, rue Agrippa d’Aubigné, Paris