Porto fashion | Luis Buchinho

Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Luis Buchinho is a well establish designer in Portugal and lusitanian countries but seems to miss the point elsewhere (especially in Paris, even if he participates in the fashion week till 1998).

There is no competition between Luis Buchinho and Felipe Oliveira Baptista, perhaps the rising star of Lacoste is now overshadowing the path, or maybe journalists and bloggers keep their eyes only for the crocodile tamer…

I found similarities between the two designers, both have modern shapes, a geometric approche in the design of the clothes, all for realistic results, garments are not only for the show, they need to be sell.

In this collection inspired by urbanity, Luis Buchinho leave room for fluidity and pleats. The silhouette is feminine, strong and not aggressive. Cobblestones have become prints, imitating sometimes some mesh effects. Large pieces of fabric, in navy blue, black and color stone, sometimes crossing, are making vertical and horizontal lines on the outfits, very graphic!

« Simple lines and modern » more than « radical and edgy » this is the style of this collection.

Luis Buchinho took his fashion training at Citex, famous portuguese fashion school and start working as a designer till 1989, definitively a designer to watch.