Le Modalogue weekly #3

Le site de yourfriends et sur leur réalisation I type Berlin, la typo utilisée sur ce projet me rappelle un peu celle utilisée sur une invitation des Galeries Lafayette que j’ai reçue cette semaine.



et puis aussi :

style trends analysis by Juliet Warkentin
a new perspective on women and their world


Style Rookie
I am a 12 year old garden gnome with the brain of a wind-up monkey, posture of a crotchety old hag, and tact of Larry David. I like inappropriate wigs, rapping about Rei Kawakubo, and pointy hats. I wish I had a long beard…

the girl in the green dress
traci roloff and my background is in architecture and interior design. i’m the co-owner of filzfelt, a company that imports wool felt from germany and sells it by the yard and as products.

le club du style

Blue Note over 1000 great jazz album covers

Mademoiselle Robot

Swiss Miss

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