Arts of Fashion foundation 2011 #2

It’s a precious time where students can work on exciting projects and met rising designers (Jasper Sinchai Chadprajong, Lucille Puton and Christine Phung) but also the french illustrator Aurore de la Morinerie.

It’s always interesting and an honor to follow the process of making. From the idea to the garment – to the garment to the exhibition, here is a new set of photos of the silhouettes (in processing) and the students at work.

Please consider the beautiful pleats made by Atelier Gerard Lognon who works for Haute Couture.

Justin working hard on the pleats…

Pleats that never stops, like water… The « water » dress by Feng Chen

Christine Phung and a student

Jasper Sinchai Chadprajong and Lucile Puton explaining to Alexandra