Seoul Fashion Week | pushBUTTON

In the backstages, before the show of pushBUTTON

Very excited to discover the work of Seung Gun Park, designer of pushBUTTON, so i ran backstage before the show, to try to capture the essence of the show. I will post photos of the show and an interview with the designer in the next post.

La Fiona

Porto Fashion week, spring summer 2010-

During the three days of fashion shows in Porto, Fiona Bunnett was sitting next to me. I must confess that i didn’t know her before Caroline told me who she is. It’s when i understand that the front row in front of us wasn’t looking at me…

Supermodel with androgynous-appearance (think Kristen McMenamy), her modeling career spread mainly in Portugal, where she is a big star. I pictured her in the bastidores (backstages in english) before the show of an other star: Fatima Lopez.

I do like this photo for the drama atmosphere, the heavy make up, something between italian neo-realism and german expressionism films.

Improbable Rochas (beautiful little heads)

After the crazy fashion week you appreciate the garments and the look, the atmosphere of a show you didn’t like before. That’s what happen with Marco Zanini’s last collection for Rochas.

Prints on silk, jackets with patina, scarves on the heads… Most of the silhouettes were very loose, following the trend for more flexibility and more fluency, but in a Marco Zanini’s way; pleated, ruffled or rumpled dresses, lingerie and pajamas all this on…pretty little heads.

On the right, Kate Kosushkina

Julien Fournié | Join hands

Paris, in the backstages before the Julien Fournié’s Haute-Couture show for the autumn-winter 2010-2011. Hands of skinned girls, sinners and bewitched talks about the extreme sensibility and the drama of this collection.

Joined hands… contemplation – Mains jointes… recueillement


Outstreched hands… catalepsy ! – Mains tendues… la catalepsie !


Open hands… Sacrificed – Mains ouvertes… pour une sacrifiée


Open hands… like a prayer – Mains ouvertes… pour une prière



Hair max


Haute Couture backstages at Hotel Regina, to see the polish designer Eva Minge show.

It was too much black, too much strass, too much feather, too much transparency for me, I’m not a fan of the show. I finally focus on the extraterrestrial haircut of the models, it reminds me Lisa Marie’s haircut in Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks.

eva-minge-8 eva-minge-7 eva-minge-6 eva-minge-5 eva-minge-3 eva-minge-2 (1) eva-minge-1