Arts of Fashion Foundation 2012


The Art of Fashion Foundation program offer the possibility to a group of international selected students to go further in the creative process, with the help of various designers and by exploring new techniques. Each year a four week masterclass is hosted by Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

The theme of this year was Transparency. Led in collaboration with Maison Lesage, it was for the students the opportunity to learn parisian Haute Couture embroideries techniques such as the Luneville.

The masterclass was driven by Zoé Vermeire (fashion designer, five prizes winner at La Cambre 2011) and Caroline Winckel (textile designer for Maison Lesage & Consultant at UNESCO for the African craftsmanship technique).

The main focus was handcrafting, to build an archi-couture, an antidote of uniformity.

Above Zoé Vermeire, last year student at famous belgian design school, La Cambre, this year teacher for four weeks…

Florina Ivascu, Romania, Cluj Napoca, University of Art & Design


Gio Kim, South Korea, Samsung Art & Design Institute

Elizabeth Barbaro, Australia, Whitehouse Institute of Design

Niki Baker, United States, Apparel Arts, San Francisco

Nika Tang, United States, Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Nika Tang’s boyfriend is helping on embroideries

Nika Tang’s coat


Samar Nasraldin, Saudi Arabia, International Fashion Academy, Paris




Caroline Winckler, textile designer, Maison Lesage

Xiaotian Zhang, China, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


Alexandra Nam, South Korea, Parsons the new school for design, New York


Zoé Vermeire is explaining her techniques to a selection of international selected students.



Two little days in Antwerp, belgian capital of fashion, time for sightseeing, discover interesting places and of course, to see the show of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts .

I met Sandra Blacklund, smiling at Antwerpen Centraal, the main railway station, looking, like me, for the exit with taxis…

I discover Sien, Louis & Ra, the edgy shops of the city, also that vintage is a serious job in Antwerp. I spend a beautiful moment and learn almost  everything about knitwear in fashion at the museum of fashion (MoMu).

Meet, by chance, Zoë Vermeire (from La Cambre 2011) and creator of wonderful coats.

Zoë and Philippe Pourashemi

And see the show of the school led by M. Walter Van Bereindonck (below).

Future talents | La Cambre 2011 « pot-pourri »

Raf Simons, president of the jury

Some photos of the amazing La Cambre show 2011.

Variations (1st grade)

« Dress-skirt » with embroidered belt and a work around the volume of the skirt.

Urban wear (2nd grade)

Transformers! Do not underestimate the power of urban wear. Motorcycle jacket, codes and volumes are amplified (2nd grade). Awesome job!

Knit (2nd grade)

This part of the show was astonishing. Colors, new techniques and unusual fabrics create a graphical knitted new body, in search of a new morphology (Alexandra Kengen).

Menswear (3rd grade)

Choregraphy by Mikael Chirinan

Pablo Henrad’s collection

A mysterious silhouette

I really like Louise Leconte’s collection (above), reminds me some Westwoodesque-crazy stuff, a chic-punk thing as if Hermes scarves meet Burberry’s coat meet a punk cap.

« My deer childw(h)ood » by Justine de Moriamé (above)

Below, « Chrysalide », a dream collection inspired by God with really amazing coats by Zoë Vermeire

Collars as butterflies by Zoë Vermeire…

Pictures above, « Out of vacuum » the amazing and very feminine work of Lucas Sponchiado (5th grade, 5e année). So beautiful you forget taking photos…

and more…